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06-18-2011, 12:22 PM
So I got this tax bill. I'm not a tax protester per se, and I believe we should pat taxes. I further believe the states and the federal government have legitimate taxing authority. I don't believe that the states or the federal government have the power to enforce the laws unequally. I'd like to pay the tax obligations that I owe, however both the state and the federal government have deprived me of the resources to do so by failing to enforce immigration law, and allowing unfair competition, and illegal competition. I am composing a reply and a declaration to take to the IRS, the justice department, my congresswench, my two senate-wenches, and whomever else I see fit. The tax bill they sent me the other day demands that I pay by july 4th, 2011, a very coincidental date I might add.


Declaration Of Non Compliance

Whereas it is common knowledge that the federal government is willingly failing to prosecute those who break federal immigration law year after year with relative impunity, and

Whereas those who are present illegally are known to be violating the federal income tax code, and

Whereas the 14th amendment to the US Constitution demands that states shall not deny any person the equal protection of the law, and

Whereas the 14th amendment to the US Constitution has been interpreted by the courts to apply to the federal government, and

Whereas I have reported the presence of illegal aliens and demanded the deportation of said illegal aliens as required by law, and

Whereas I have provided evidence that illegal aliens are not in compliance with the United States income tax code, and

Whereas I, Davi Rodrigues, am a native born citizen of the United States Of America, and resident of the State of California, and

I do hereby declare that I am not in compliance with the United States income tax code. I further acknowledge that I have received notification from the Department of the Treasury that I have outstanding tax liabilities, and that a demand has been made that I pay by July 4th, 2011.
I further declare that my right to equal protection of the law has been abridged and infringed, and demand that I be afforded the same protection and implied immunity given to millions of illegal aliens who are present and not in compliance with the US income tax code or immigration law

I hereby declare I am compelled to take no action to comply with the United States income tax code by July 4th, 2011, or any date thereafter until I am afforded the equal protection of law

Davi Anthony Rodrigues
June 17th, 2011

06-18-2011, 06:18 PM
That's impressive. If everyone had the backbone you have AG, what a different world we'd live in.