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05-18-2011, 11:24 PM
Partners In Propriety
n. pl. pro·pri·e·ties
1. The quality of being proper; appropriateness.
2. Conformity to prevailing customs and usages.
3. proprieties The usages and customs of polite society.
Save Our State is going to embark upon a new program. This program, Partners In Propriety, seeks to form partnerships with business, government, and social organizations to encourage propriety as America struggles to cope with a wave of immigration, illegal alien entrants, and migrant workers.

Save Our State would like to promote the practice of appropriate lawful behavior in administering government services and law enforcement so that citizen concerns are addressed and respected, laws and rules are obeyed, and resources are protected.
Save Our State will also promote and encourage appropriate lawful and fair practices in the business community so that fair and lawful hiring is encouraged, proper solicitation is practiced, and a level playing field is protected.

California natives have suffered under the pressure of advancing immigrant communities, foreign competition, migrant workers, and illegal entrants who are increasing pressure on limited community and state resources, encroaching on scarce employment opportunities, and engaging in unfair or unlawful business practices. Laws and codes are the customs of this state, and they have been enacted for the protection of everyone. When laws are dismissed or ignored, someone is losing protection. When that protection is denied to a California native to allow an unfair advantage to foreigners or immigrants, this is an impropriety.

Some examples of improprieties are:

The acceptance of day laborers working under the table in violation of federal immigration laws and state reporting requirements

The acceptance of unlicensed businesses that frequent day labor areas to hire in violation of state and federal employment codes

Government benefits being distributed to foreigners without legal presence in the US
Law enforcement ignoring a code or law to protect a persons immigration status

We will add to our list of improprieties as the program evolves, and we will apply new strategies to address them.
Save Our State will address these improprieties by requesting the formation of partnerships with agencies responsible for administering justice, or the businesses and individuals in the affected areas. We will approach them and ask them to become Partners in Propriety, and work together to encourage compliance and adherance to laws so that everyone will be protected fairly. Propriety will increase the standing of the communities and enhance business. Propriety will also improve neighborhoods and create working relationships with government representatives.