View Full Version : Initiative Petition Begins To Counter Hate Crimes Law

11-19-2009, 08:38 AM
Found this on the Secretary of State's website. A religious group trying override the new hate crimes law


The short version is:

ARTICLE I DECLARATION OF RlGHTS THE FREE EXERCISE OF RELIGION Sec. 4. (a) Free exercise and enjoyment ofreligion without discrimination or preference are guaranteed. This lieefty ef.eeFlseiease elees Retel:6HSB 'ae~5 that are jieentiel;ls SF iBSBllsistest '17ith the fleaee SF safety Bf the Stale. The Legislature shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there of. A person is not incompetent to be a witness or juror because of his or her opinions on religious beliefs. (b) We the People ofthe State ofCalifornia. grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to perpetuate His blessings do submit that a person using any part of the Bible's content as authority may freelv speak, pray, write, discuss, publish, preach, teach, hear, share his or her faith, engage in street witnessing, distribute written material or otherwise communicate any views on salvation, heaven, or abortion, adultery, alcoholism. anti-Semitism. astrology, bestiality. bigamy, bisexuality, blasphemy, civil unions, coarse jesting, cohabitation, coveting, cross-dressing, cults, drugs. drunkenness, extortion, euthanasia, eviL evolution, fornication, gay marriage. gender identity, helL heresy, homosexuality, idolaters. idolatry. incest. lying, murder, necromancy, other religions, pornography, psychics rape, reviling, sex. sexual immorality. sexual orientation, sodomy. sorcery, stealing, transgender trans-sexuality. witchcraft. yoga, or sin at any public or private gatherings, schooL church, or other place of worship Bible Study grOUP or sidewalk or in any communicative medium. the internet. satellite, television, film. theater. radio. videos, recording, newspapers. magazines. music. and periodicals or by means ofa computer. telephone, cell phone or fax machine. These provisions shall not be construed to authorize actions prohibited