View Full Version : Just because it's election season ...

10-26-2010, 02:59 PM
... doesn't mean that people have stopped leaving comments beneath my videos posted on Youtube. In fact, the number of comments left usually increases in the days just before we head off to the ballot boxes.

Usually the videos that get the most visits, during this special season, are about politicians. Here are two passages left for me by unlokosexy. She wrote the following after watching a brief clip I shot about Meg Whitman -

politics dont just lie to Hispanic people saying they going to work on a amnesty they lie to white racist people to just to get votes from them, maybe they dont have illegals like they say!! and remember this when before u die, hate is not a good thing and that what good dont like the most, so if u believe in good stop hating and threating people like animal and not like what they are!! hate is the worst sin and hell is where sinner's go.

some american are so stupid illegal people is not affecting american's cuz if an american don't have a job the government give them money and if they have a job they have a good pay job, and in my opinion if the american's want to take those jobs away from immigrants there so stupid cuz they have the opportunity to do so much more, but they are looser's and all this about illegals its just racism, border's are made to divide people, nd what we need is be united not divide.