View Full Version : Missed One!

09-06-2010, 08:36 PM
So I got wind of an opportunity here in Sac a week back, and started a scheme to take advantage of the situation. SEIU was hosting an event on Labor day to have Gubernatorial candidate Brown address the crowd at a large neighborhood park. I scoped it out, and figured the best option was a sign trailer event. The park has parking on both sides of the street, and it would have been within a few feet of Brown's speech. Alas I was thwarted though. They closed the gate on me...on everyone actually.
A few thousand people I would guess, and all pretty much leaning the same direction. Woulda bin a good one had I got in.




As I passed on the outskirts, I got a little video, but its' only noteworthiness was the crowd generated and the vehicles parked on the park lawn, a strict no-no unless of course, you're a left leaning liberal willing to stump for more leftitsts.