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11-12-2009, 08:52 AM
From the Canadian National Post online:


Lorne Gunter: Fort Hood and cultural suicide

Posted: November 11, 2009, 8:30 AM by NP Editor

Lorne Gunter


A man runs into a room of unarmed people and starts firing away while shouting “Allahu Akbar” (“Allah is Great”). He has had frequent arguments — many of them extremely heated — with several fellow officers in recent years over the alleged stupidity and immorality of the West’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He expressed public agreement with the Koran’s exhortations to kill infidels, justified suicide bombings, attended a radical Virginia mosque, sought permission from superiors to have Muslim-American soldiers exempted from service in Middle Eastern wars and, among other things, attempted to make contact with al-Qaeda recruiters.

Yet many analysts and commentators have ignored this evidence and put forward, instead, shallow war-psyche diagnoses they seem to have copied from M*A*S*H episodes. Most centre around the theory that Hasan snapped under the pressure of his forthcoming deployment to Afghanistan.

But even if Hasan was driven to mass murder because he could not bear the idea of serving in a war zone, the cause of his breakdown was his Muslim-ness, not battle stress. The implication of those making these excuses on Hasan’s behalf has been that the thought of facing deadly fire in combat was too much for the major.

But, of course, that is not it at all. He couldn’t face the notion of having to serve in an army he saw as persecuting his fellow Muslims, so he struck back at that army before it could ship him out to a place he believed it should not be. His belief in the teachings of Muhammad trumped his sworn duty in the U.S. Army.


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And from Arutz Sheva:


Sudden Jihad Syndrome

by Diana West


But even as we learn Hasan shouted "Allahu Akbar" -- not "God is Great," as the media oh-so-prudishly prefers -- before mowing down dozens of brave American soldiers deep in the heart of Texas (just as Mohammed Atta, the Egyptian AIr 990 pilot, the Bulldozer killer, and more, all yelled) the military spokesmen, pundits, newspapers remain "stumped" as to his motivation.
Stumped. They are unable even to speculate whether this was an act of jihad. They can't even mouth the words, certainly can't write them. Here are a couple of sample headlines in the morning papers. After reporting the death toll, they add: "Officer Is Suspect" (NYT). Or: "Suspect Is Army Psychiatrist Who Worked at Walter Reed" (WP). The suspect officer is a Muslim, and the headlines should have reflected this, like so: "Muslim Officer is Suspect." Or: "Muslim Suspect Is Army Psychiatrist..." He is what he is.

In a slightly saner world the media would explore how -- "whether" would be a start -- Islamic beliefs figured into the massacre; Congress would investigate how such a man -- someone described as happy about the jihadist attack on a Little Rock Army-Navy recruiting station that killed Pvt. William Long -- was allowed to remain in the military. And it would fall to the military and security services to own up to politically incorrect fact that at the very least combat cohesion is shot, certainly post-Ft. Hood this week, certainly post-Helmand this week (where five British troops were killed by a Taliban-linked Afghan policeman) with Muslims in the ranks. Meanwhile, there seem to be few Muslims in the military. I am still looking for current data, but meanwhile came across this 2007 report from Newsmax which reports:
Pentagon statistics show there are more Jews and Buddhists than Muslims serving in the 1.4 million strong, overwhelmingly Christian armed forces.
In the Marine Corps, there are only slightly more Muslims than Wiccans, who practice witchcraft. And in the Air Force, Wiccans outnumber Muslims by more than two to one. Will we continue to deny the irreconcilable differences between Islam and Judeo-Christian beliefs?


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