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05-31-2010, 10:30 PM

I have been working with a fairly new group in Lodi. Basically, it came about due to the Healthcare bill, and also the local politics (including the school board).

The leader, Kim, started the website and the group has been having full house meetings once a month.

Last month, she brought in a local author from Ceres, Edward Krigbaum, who just put out a book called "Relentless: The Socialist Attack on American Freedom. He knew quite a bit and you can contact him on Facebook.

I have a personal interest in this, as I am a teacher in Lodi, and I had been connecting the dots. Since I am not originally from Lodi, it took a while to find the players. It seems the 2 organizations that have been running our district down the hole are the Stockton Chapter of the NAACP, and the California Baptist Convention INC.

Also, we have seen more Bay Area Socialists moving into our small town, along with illegal alien gang members.

This group has done a few rallies but with the weather being bad, they didn't plan. They were up at the capital on April 15th. There is coordination between Lodi, Stockton, and NorCal/Placerville Tea Party groups. With advanced notice, on a non-work day, we could get quite a few people.

They also had a booth at the Lodi downtown farmer's market. I will see if they are planning on doing it in June.

Since UsaDave moved to Texas, i have not had much contact with the GG Minutemen like I used too.