View Full Version : Forum Posting vs Copyright Infringement

10-31-2009, 05:54 PM
Notice to all associates and forum users regarding copyrighted material.

The internet has become a major distribution hub for printed and recorded media. Much of this media has been created by artists and writers whose livelyhoods depend on income from their work. In addition, the bulk of written or digitalized media is copyrighted by large corporate media outlets which have powerful lawfirms that specialize in copyright law at their disposal. It is therefore important that we give wide respect to copyrighted material.
Copying entire articles and reposting them on the forum could easily be an infringement on a copyright, so please look for the copyright emblem on any articles before you post here.
There are some fair use defenses to copyright infringement, but they generally apply to short descriptions and then a link to the media which publishes the copyrighted material. A short important quotation of a section of the material can be copied for the sake of discussion, but you must keep in mind that infringement can result if enough of the writers or publishers work is republished that lessens the market share they may have recieved had it not been republished.
Save Our State must recognize and respect the publishers, writers, and media's rights to their claimed works.
We recommend posting links to the articles or media, with a short description or quote from the copyrighted works.
For those having further interest, you may contact the publisher or writer and ask permission to reprint it here. Sometimes this is granted.
It is possible that in the near future Save Our State can work with some publishers on an exchange basis or charitable contribution to freely distribute some of their articles.