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Ole Glory
10-19-2009, 09:09 AM
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Forwarding Sheriff Arpaio Update from Stephen Lonewolf

Sheriff Joe's 287g deal ended this past Thursday.

On Friday and Saturday he rean a very successful crime sweep in the thriving metropolis of Surprise, AZ (chock full of illegal aliens).

During his Friday afternoon press conference Sheriff Joe told the media NOTHING has changed, he will STILL lock up all illegal aliens, but he will not have to bother with the ICE paperwork, he will lock them all up under AZ law!

During the two days Spanish language media continuously played "public service announcements", telling their audience where Sheriff Joe crew is, what intersections and neighborhoods they should avoid.

In two day some 60 people were arrested, around 20 illegal aliens. Some went straight to jail, due to warrants and criminal background, some were just handed over to ICE.

In one instance, when looking for a crew of 5 illegal aliens they went to a car wash. They couldn't find the 5 they were looking for, but did find 9 illegal alien employees. They all went downtown, in the paddy wagon.

OBL activists are DELIRIOUS over the issue, saying this is EXACTLY why Sheriff Joe was locked out of the 287g agreement, because he is going after working families, instead of criminals.

There was another interesting controversy: HIGH level employees from the DOJ showed up at the event, and tried to hide among members of the press, in an area reserved for the media. Sheriff Joe called them unethical, and they were told to leave the area reserved for the press. DOJ folks are saying they are innocent ...