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  1. College shedding course sections
  2. CSUB weighing program cuts
  3. Riverside school trustees hear grim budget report
  4. School 'conversation' on dual language
  5. Getting real about per-pupil spending
  6. Jobs won't return until schools change their approach
  7. 40 yrs of Chicano Studies
  8. Arnold Appoints 16 Year Old To Board Of Education
  9. Let's cut math and science instead
  10. Education not an expense, speaker tells Riverside County summit
  11. DREAM Act Returns
  12. state university system plans to cut 40,000 students
  13. UNR speaker invite angers some faculty, students
  14. Combating violence in the classroom
  15. Governor Signs Executive Order On Early Education
  16. 14 Protesters Arrested on UCLA Campus During Board Meeting
  17. Are schools the soft underbelly for anti-Americanism
  18. This was wrtten almost 17 years ago, amazing
  19. LAUSD, EL's, and scamming the system
  20. Teaching plan: America 'an oppressive hellhole'
  21. UCLA Extension Course: "Whiteness in US History...."
  22. Through the eyes of an old teacher
  23. Missouri Schools Complain About Obama Logo School Supplies
  24. Who Defines American Culture?
  25. California School District Board Backs Down On Gays
  26. Reaping what is sown
  27. Governor Labels Student Rebellion An Act Of Terrorism
  28. California's neediest high school students have the least prepared teachers, study sa
  29. Second Graders Sing About Allah?
  30. Celebs to kids: America stinks!
  31. LAUSD chief aims to bounce weak teachers
  32. Politics Of Bilingual Education
  33. Education reform - plus cash
  34. Trade Schools Re-regulated
  35. Gil Navarro asks public to pay for conference trip
  36. NAMBLA-gate: The Strange Case of Kevin Jennings, Part One
  37. Counseling program for elementary students
  38. FEC Fails to Investigate Teachers’ Complaint of NEA Union Money Laundering Scheme
  39. Universities vs. prisons budget proposal raises eyebrows
  40. L.A. schools paid $200 million more in salaries than budgeted
  41. Beverly Hills school board votes to keep nonresident students out January 13, 2010 |
  42. Hemet school stands alone
  43. State tries to attract math and science teachers
  44. Local school districts declining to 'Race to the Top'
  45. What professor Craig is teaching
  46. Lawsuit challenges Nebraska law giving in-state tuition to some illegal immigrants
  47. Fostering Dissensus In Academia
  48. Court ruling in Riverside case assists in advocacy for special-needs students
  49. Stop Navarro 02-01-10
  50. Cost of teaching English learning students in SB County $34Million
  51. How Green Was My Community College
  52. A joke of a vote
  53. Stimulus dollars allow Cal State San Bernardino to restore class offerings that had b
  54. $630M to teach English to immigrant adults
  55. Traducelo Ahora!
  56. Dumb and Dumber? What Are College Kids Learning About Our Country?
  57. Memory Hole Gets Crowded
  58. Classroom content
  59. Progressives Are Targeting Your Kids
  60. Affimative Action
  61. Why Campuses Are Blue
  62. Bill aims to end in-state tuition fees for illegal immigrants
  63. L.A. schools Supt. Cortines resigns from Scholastic Inc.
  64. PA. Sch. Spycam
  65. Obama, a College Marxist?
  66. Civil rights group suing LAUSD, state over teacher layoffs
  67. LAUSD approves pink slip notices
  68. Do You Know What Your Kids Are Learning?
  69. Shortchanging our students on history, civics
  70. UNL Student Accuses Regents Of Tuition Discrimination
  71. California Man Took College Exams for Middle Eastern Students, ICE Officials Say
  72. Inland schools among state's worst
  73. Dream Act: Education equality -- or de facto amnesty?
  74. Critics Blast Transborder Immigrant Tool as 'Irresponsible' Use of Technology
  75. Expert: Reagan Gets the Shaft in Textbooks
  76. Look what I found on Craigslist!!!!!!
  77. As The Third World Turns
  78. Good news; TX Board of Ed Passes Draft Curriculum
  79. "Latino" Law Students
  80. Benign Neglect of Anti-Semitism
  81. A lesson about speaking up
  82. Course gets an ‘F’ from Barletta
  83. Students want ‘Our Lord' phrase off diplomas
  84. Bill makes schools check parents' citizenship
  85. RIP Jaime Escalante
  86. Meghan Goes to College
  87. College Brainwashing
  88. UC California Wants to Criminalize More Expression
  89. Affirmative Activism
  90. Feds Fund Academic Bias
  91. Teaching the "white privilidge" Premise
  92. Carnage That College Ignores
  93. Controversial Professor Bill Ayers Suing Univ. of Wyoming
  94. Collision Course with Reality
  95. California's iconic master plan for higher education is in peril
  96. America’s Barbaric History
  97. Cheap Tomatoes, not!
  98. Universities pushing Obamas agenda, hard!
  99. Goofy In Garden State
  100. Mex ok, USA No
  101. Action delayed on A&M student illegal migrant bill
  102. California Students Sent Home for Wearing U.S. Flags on Cinco de Mayo
  103. Mecha Student Group at Live Oak High (MOrgan Hill)
  104. UPDATE: American kids threatened with violence by Mexican Gangs
  105. Academics Boost Arizona Tourism
  106. Michigan Elementary School Principal Investigated for Blacks-Only Class Trip
  107. American Students Burn Mexican Flag!
  108. Man In Wheelchair Confronts Mecha Students
  109. Politicians Whore Schools Out To AD Companies
  110. UCLA Prof calls for Revolution - La Raza v Capitalist/Imperialists
  111. Student told drawing the American Flag is offensive
  112. Great article:Backward Progressives
  113. Very good news:Arizona gov. signs bill targeting ethnic studies
  114. San Diego school board condemns Arizona's illegal-immigration law
  115. Angry Morgan Hill parents speak out.
  116. In Acadamia Racial Profiling is Encouraged
  117. Liberal academia, big business and Democrats creating sepratism in the United States
  118. Obama Administration Makes Emergency Funding Request for Teachers
  119. Ca. Teacher RACIST RANT.
  120. Arizona's ethnic studies law is good for America
  121. The Original National Socialists
  122. Angry Parents Suing California Schools Over Mandatory Gay-Friendly Classes
  123. Culture War Turns to Texas Textbooks
  124. Teacher accused of Saying Mexicans were ruining America
  125. Arizona Seeks to Reassign Heavily Accented Teachers
  126. Teachers Seek $23b- Lifeline or Bailout?
  127. Professor Booed at Commencement for Bashing AZ Law
  128. Scholarships to go to illegal immigrants...
  129. Please, please, please listen to this:Cliff Kincaid on Raza Studies
  130. Mexican Revolutionaries in America
  131. ACE Climate Propaganda
  132. LAUSD to teach that Arizona is unAmerican.
  133. California Assmbly Approves Bill To Allow Racial discrimination In Schools
  134. US schools switching to 4-day weeks to save money amid sluggish economy
  135. The Summer Reeducation Program
  136. Chinese Immersion Program To Teach...Chinese?
  137. CSUSB YAL and YAF Stand With Arizona and America
  138. Top Down Failure from Right to Left
  139. UC Irvine Suspends Muslim Group Over Disruption
  140. Not be the brightest idea on the planet
  141. Liberal Academia is now paying the price.
  142. Forecasting the Next Crisis
  143. Message of the Week
  144. The Education Bubble?
  145. How Did Communism Become Cool?
  146. Film: “The Lottery”
  147. Psychologist Analyzes Liberals
  148. Raising Arizona
  149. School Officials in Mass. Town Won't Let Students Recite Pledge
  150. Conservative Kid Tries to Survive California School
  151. Columbia: Anatomy of Anarchy
  152. Border Blues @ Georgetown
  153. MNU declines to host immigration event
  154. Sleeping With The Enemy
  155. Rhymes vs Racism
  156. Rulers for Radicals
  157. Campus Leisure World
  158. This is BRILLIANT
  159. Academic Freedom For Who?
  160. Foreign Students numbers Increase Dramatically In Golden State
  161. UC Davis ID Card Shares Student Info With Banks
  162. College Professor in N.Y. Says He Was Let Go for Being Foreign, Heterosexual
  163. UC Davis Grants Monopoly To US Bank on Campus
  164. Don't forget AZ's other legislation
  165. Will zombies decide the future?
  166. The Philosophy of Plunder
  167. Arnold Vetoed A Matricula Requirement
  168. I agree w/ David Bachman
  169. America Losing Science Brainpower Advantage?
  170. What CA Should Do
  171. Swcharzenegger vetoes university transparency bill
  172. Jerry Brown Looking Forward To Subsidizing Illegal Alien Coll. Students
  173. CSU tuition set to spike
  174. Elementry ducation fails, so buy exercise equipment
  175. Yet Another Student Ordered To Remove His US Flag
  176. CA Sup. Crt. Upholds In-State Tution 4 Illegals
  177. Deport Pedro
  178. Feinstien stops imminent deportation of illegal in S.F.
  179. Deport Luis, Esq.
  180. Do American History Teachers Value Feelings Over Knowledge?
  181. Neoconservative Blind Spots
  182. Cal State Fresno Student Challenges Lying Dream Act Wannabe
  183. Earmarking Artificial Growth
  184. Annual MLA Panel Preview
  185. Neb. judge tosses illegal immigrant tuition suit
  186. LAUSD Test Tactics
  187. Blacks and Other Elites Ignore Actual Crisis
  188. Christmas Sweater Club Punished At Local High School
  189. First the Killer Candy Cane, Now it is Sharpie Markers!
  190. School Choice Week Activities
  191. The Defeat of the DREAM Act occurred because ...
  192. Teacher Enjoys Well-Paid 13th Year in ‘Rubber Room’ After Sexually Molesting 6th Grad
  193. Most Questionable Academic Causes
  194. California DREAMers
  195. Still DREAMing of Entitlements
  196. More indoctrination by our Schools/Universites
  197. DREAM Act boosts attention on illegal immigrant college students
  198. Minnesota Wrestling Coach Put on Leave for Reportedly Insulting Obama,
  199. Chancellor Of UC Berkely Links Giffords Shooting To Immigration
  200. 86 Teens Pregnant at One Memphis High School
  201. Ipad nation
  202. Activist Professors
  203. Palintologists @ The MLA
  204. Children's play calls for beheading of Sarah Palin
  205. The Truth Comes Crashing Down for Pedro Ramirez
  206. Subsidized coll. tuition in CA for illegals
  207. Zero Tolerance Policies: Are the Schools Becoming Police States?
  208. College: Education’s Dead End
  209. More college students require remedial courses
  210. School Board Recall Over Chinese Government Meddling
  211. California wants lesbians as mandatory 'role' models
  212. Muslim Brotherhood’s Ennui Corner
  213. Demand for adult literacy rises as funding threatened
  214. Getting Schooled in Wisconsin
  215. Texas College Scholarship Targets Only White Male Students
  216. Stalin-Style U.S. Public Education
  217. Teachers Unions 101: "A" is for "Agitation"
  218. College ‘Sexuality’ Professor Presents Live-Sex Show for Students
  219. Socialist Mantra Hidden in Grade School Chants
  220. Oh, to Be a Teacher in Milwaukee!
  221. DREAM Act Bills In Committe 3-15-11 (Cedillo)
  222. Assembly Bill 123 Cripples 1st Amendment
  223. Public Education: Progressive Indoctrination Camps
  224. Check this load of crap
  225. Student Expelled For Alleged Bigoted Remark
  226. Fixing our Education Problem
  227. To America's hot-to-protest college students
  228. Committee OKs college financial aid for illegal immigrants
  229. See a Picket Line? Thank a Teacher
  230. Teachers to 'Creep' Students' Facebook Pages?
  231. Good news: School Boards Shun Unions
  232. Ethnic studies, UCR
  233. Al-Jazeera Hosted American Academics at “Opulent” Forum
  234. "Legalize Pedro's Paycheck" Bill Introduced
  235. Letter written by a Valley teacher is stirring a heated debate about racism and immig
  236. This is funny: Rigor Please
  237. Are Charter Schools the Education Solution?
  238. I Found My Thrill Blowing Up McGill
  239. Education Spending Has a Simple Solution
  240. Hispanic students attain majority in Texas schools
  241. Deconstructing Composition
  242. Iowa Safety Drill Portrays Mock Shooter as 'Anti-Immigration' Pro-Gun Student
  243. Latino education conference growing in stature
  244. Third grade homework assignment: "What is an illegal alien?"
  245. “Our Schools Are the Ones Where There are More Problems”
  246. Wisconsin Universities Vote to Join Teachers Union
  247. Education Spending Won't Create Jobs
  248. D.C. School Reform Under Suspicion After Allegations of Inflated Test Scores
  249. Changes proposed to Texas Grant program
  250. Obama’s Union-Friendly, Feel-Good Approach to Education