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  1. Danny Gilmore's tough first term
  2. State to take bigger bite of your wages
  3. State redistricting panel seeks applicants
  4. It's time to get involved in redistricting, but why is the auditor calling the shots?
  5. Census Change Will Cost California Five House Seats
  6. California Water War Still Continues
  7. This is a Santa Monica liberal's predictions.
  8. Hilton's Taxpayer Protection Act Withdrawn
  9. Fiorina faces the D.C. press corps, but offers few specifics
  10. Red Flags Rule To Spot ID Theft Delayed
  11. State To Crack Down On Uninsured Contractors
  12. California & Denial
  13. Ohio - Auto registration checks scaring immigrants
  14. Legislature's only job: Stop the bleeding now
  15. Part Time Legislature Initiative
  16. The primary for the California governor's race is this June
  17. California National Guard Transforms From State to Global Force?
  18. Governor Creates Subnational Government Entity
  19. Part-time legislature makse sense for California
  20. Week's events show we're in big trouble
  21. California politicos bewail rising burden of debt
  22. It's time to get people back to work
  23. It's almost time to start redrawing lines
  24. New Calif. laws protect borrowers, consumers
  25. Proposal: Hike Vehicle Fees To Pay For State Parks
  26. California Water Warlords Using Latinos as "Astro turf"
  27. Schwarzenegger faces final year in red ink
  28. Speed sensors on red-light cameras could raise money fast
  29. Governor Urges Support For Human Trafficking Victims
  30. Some hope for California
  31. Initiative To Reduce Public Benefits
  32. Repair Califonia Organization Wants Constitutional Convention
  33. Ohio - Hispanics claim racial profiling by officers
  34. Schwarzenegger: Send prisoners to Mexico
  35. Official: No plans to ship Calif inmates to Mexico
  36. MoveOver or Pay$$$$$$$$$
  37. GOP's Whitman disavows 'proud racist' councilman
  38. Fundraiser, WTF?
  39. Dwight Township Dupuites Pull Over Illegal Immigrants
  40. Laborers sue Calif. city over ban on seeking work
  41. Metro Times - Feds to focus on employers of illegal workers
  42. Leave a Comment on Chelene N.
  43. Michigan - Man Arrested After Fatal Shooting at Migrant Camp
  44. Tampa - Obscure Mayan language leaves justice tongue-tied
  45. TN labor law penalizing employers of undocumented workers nets few violators
  46. Ga. Debates Incentives For Illegal Alien Crackdown
  47. Email I received from CAPS
  48. Human Trafficking in Ohio - Toledo Rated Fourth in US
  49. Assembly denies Sen. Maldonado confirmation as lieutenant governor
  50. Click here to find out more! Proposed cuts would end California assistance for most n
  51. California Legislature's new look: ugly
  52. Governor Claims Information Technology Causes Global Warming
  53. Federal ID Probe in Michigan - College Students Arrested
  54. A political orphan in Sacramento
  55. Water Wars: The ‘Endangered’ Western States
  56. California Forward Wants To Remake Government
  57. Michigan - Illegal Immigrants Rally for Workers Compensation Rights
  58. Senate votes to return more money to lottery winners
  59. Arnold declares Disaster In Fresno County
  60. GOP Governor Candidates Stay The Course On Immigration Reform In California
  61. Francis Kai-Hwa Wong Promotes Illegal Immigration in Michigan
  62. Taxpayer protection initiative
  63. Medi-Cal For Illegals But Not Citizens
  64. Mobile Billboard Ban Under Consideration
  65. AB 2631 would prohibit California cities from declaring themselves as sanctuary citie
  66. Stop the California BAN!
  67. Are you a "non-partison" voter?
  68. Toledo Blade - Illegal Immigrants have a tough life
  69. Many people object to Arizona's new proposed laws
  70. Alert - Bill To Aid Mexican Illegals In California Schools Advances
  71. POWER TO THE PEOPLE (70%) Don't Tread ON AZ.
  72. Authorities at Detroit-Windsor border find 9,000 ecstacy pills duct-taped to man's le
  73. California State Senator Calls For AZ Boycott
  74. Hundreds rally for immigration rights outside of University of Michigan commencement
  75. Immigration law in Arizona sparks Toledo protest
  76. May is a busy month for state Capitol events
  77. Cost to taxpayers in LA is now over $1.5 Billion ea. yr.
  78. Mexican Consulate Gets California Legislators Ear
  79. Detroit - More sink teeth into taco truck cuisine
  80. Ohio - Driver faces charges in illegal alien case
  81. Florida - men sought in beating death at migrant camp
  82. Michigan identity theft victims were in assisted living
  83. Michigan - Charley Honey; Arizona anti-immigration law a 'slap in the face'
  84. After Arizona, why are 10 states considering immigration bills?
  85. Other States Consider Arizona-style Anti-immigration Statutes
  86. Hispanic Chamber official says damage done by immigration law
  87. Effective ad from Ariz. Gov. Brewer takes aim at Obama on immigration http://blogs.st
  88. Illegal Immigration in Missouri
  89. Schwarzenegger lays out bleak California budget
  90. Illegal Immigration Issue in California Pre-May 2010 GOP US Senate Primary Debate
  91. Alabama, One of the best campaign ads I've ever seen
  92. Chicago - Pirated DVDs set stage for deportation
  93. Idaho lawmaker pushing Arizona-like immigration law
  94. Rhode Island lawmaker files bill that follows Arizona immigration law
  95. Ann Arbor Schools Promote Illegal Immigration
  96. S.C. considering Arizona-style immigration law
  97. Immigration Makes its Mark on Nebraska
  98. Eleven States Ready To Adopt Arizona Immigration Laws
  99. Census Refusal Preceeds Police Shooting
  100. Utah next to pass immigration law
  101. Maryland announces plan to deal with illegal immigration similar to Arizona.
  102. Nashville is on board with Arizona
  103. A bill in South Carolina similar to controversial new laws in Arizona
  104. Now both Carolinas are considering an Arizona law
  105. Michigan - Oakland County lawyer pleads guilty to phony background checks
  106. Massachusetts Senate approves proposal to prohibit illegal immigrants from obtaining
  107. Fla. lawmaker considering Arizona immigration law
  108. California immigration policy comparable to new Arizona Law
  109. Governor's Statement On National Guard Border Troops
  110. Law now on the books, it's getting hot Oklahoma HB1804
  111. Arizona Governor Removes State's Top Attorney From Defense of Immigration Law
  112. Barney Frank Demands Djou's Birth Certificate...
  113. Border law opponents want international fix in Arizona
  114. Governor Proclaims Refugee Awareness Month
  115. Mother of woman raped by illegal immigrant speaks out
  116. Immigration Looms Large in New Mexico's Gubernatorial Primary
  117. Poll: Californians narrowly support Arizona immigration law
  118. Sheriff Joe Arpaio at Stand With Arizona Rally
  119. Muslim Woman Allowed DMV photo with head scarf
  120. Boston Legislature May Pass New Immigration Crackdown
  121. Ottawa County Michigan agrees to issue marriage licenses to illegal immigrants
  122. Prince William chairman says Virginia should follow Arizona on immigration
  123. FCC Moves to Regulate Internet--Even Though the Law Calls for Internet to be 'Unfette
  124. Recent Inspection Finds Six ‘Areas of Concern’ in Census Head-Counting
  125. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer won't back down; faces federal lawsuit over immigration l
  126. California welfare cards can be used in many casino ATMs
  127. California Lawmakers Push for First-in-the-Nation State Boycott of Arizona
  128. Brewer to Obama: Warning Signs Are Not Enough
  129. McStain does it again!
  130. Governor Issues Statement On Border Guard
  131. Rep. Stark...We need to hammer this guy
  132. Brewer:Obama giving twice the money to Mexico than Arizona for Nat. Guard
  133. Schwarzenegger orders minimum wage for state workers
  134. Welfare recipients get $12,000 from strip club ATMs
  135. MI - Ann Arbor City Council to vote on resolution opposing Arizona's law
  136. Toledo City Council divided on immigration
  137. MI - illegal alien runs from routine traffic stop
  138. Margaret Harner Promotes Illegal Immigration in Michigan
  139. Virginia Lawmaker Challenges Feds to Sue His State Over Immigration Enforcement
  140. Florida legislators want to adopt Arizona illegal immigration bill in 2011
  141. Michigan AG Mike Cox's brief to support Arizona immigration law
  142. Laura Sanders promotes illegal immigration in Michigan
  143. Florida to copy Arizona law, but be harsher than SB 1070
  144. Colorado agency blows off law restricting money for illegals
  145. Arnold Issues Border Security Bulletin
  146. Man in St. Johns Michigan charged in fatal 2009 car crash near Okemos High School
  147. Bills coming out of Sacramento
  148. Gimmickry worsens a reckoning
  149. Call for U.S. Immigration Reform at Close of Border Governors Conference in N.M.
  150. California DREAM Act Goes Down In Veto
  151. Other Bills Vetoed By Arnold Today
  152. Arnold Creates "Global" Citizen Term
  153. Budget Napkin Deal Reached?
  154. Growing Anti-Immigrant Sentiments in an Unlikely State
  155. Whitman's Maid To Get Wage Hearing Nov. 17th
  156. Unemployment fund in red
  157. AZ Law In CA
  158. Free Childcare Lobby Says It's A Fundamental Right
  159. AZ Law in NM?
  160. ‘Leaving Cal.’ list grows to 144 firms
  161. CARB Goes On The Offensive After Prop 23 Fails
  162. Former LA Cop Bratton On K Harris's Transition Team
  163. Food Stamps Welcomed At Restaurants
  164. Florida Follows Arizona's Lead With New Bill Cracking Down on Illegal Immigrants
  165. Florida Follows Arizona's Lead With New Bill Cracking Down on Illegal Immigrants
  166. TN efforts to copy Arizona immigration law bring fears
  167. States Turn to Kobach for Illegal Immigration Laws
  168. Tennessee Considers Arizona-style Immigration Law
  169. Federal Court Grants Governor Jan Brewer’s Motion to Dismiss Several Challenges to SB
  170. FYI:Another “Fine/Fee” a “Tax” you did no vote for.
  171. Top 10 Reasons Why California Companies Are Calling Moving Companies
  172. True california taxpayer burden is $195 billion
  173. Brown to eliminate state Office of Inspector General
  174. CA Economy Holding Back Nation
  175. Feds taking more Ohio illegal immigrant arrestees
  176. MI - Rep. John Conyers writes bill for Southgate mother facing deportation
  177. California bill, AB 26, would bar sanctuary cities
  178. Arnold commutes sentence of esteban nunez
  179. “Cal Facts” Brochure (a great deal of important info)
  180. Chafee signs order to reverse E-Verify
  181. Socialists On Parade
  182. Michigan - Five convicted in federal probe of illegal-document ring
  183. Alt Energy Bills Will Inflate Electric Costs
  184. Pension Initiative, Legislation Planned
  185. Southwest cities stand up for redevelopment
  186. Florida - Illegal immigrant held in connection with standoff in Carrollwood
  187. Budget Cuts Threaten 180 million To Non-Citizens
  188. At northern border, agents fight drug war on ice
  189. At The State Capitol
  190. MI - Man facing sentencing for hiring illegal workers gets letter of support
  191. Unions Stage Supportive Event At State Capitol
  192. Demonstration turns into shoving match at state Capitol
  193. Ammiano Authors State Bill To Cripple Secure Communities Program
  194. State To Rename Food Stamp Program
  195. State Immigration Bill In Committee 3-15 (Donnelly)
  196. Gil Cedillo's DREAM Act Hearing Video
  197. Two Legislators Want To Increase Multilingual Entitlement
  198. Sex Change Info To Be Hidden By New Birth Certificate Bill
  199. Vote By Mail Ballot Only Ballot Bill
  200. Cultually Appropriate Healthcare Mandate
  201. Dud Deals in California
  202. Assemblyman Wants State To Recommend People To Sit On Private Corp Boards
  203. Foreign Free Trade Zones Proposed In Assembly
  204. Obama should not be on any state ballot
  205. Arizona governor signs immigrant drop house bill
  206. California May Let Locals Opt Out of Immigration Checks
  207. Slouching Towards Insolvency (The California Way)
  208. A “Third Income Tax” To Fund Public Education?
  209. Brown Administration Closes 70 Parks To Save Funds For Illegals
  210. State Legislator Wants To Curb Sobriety Checkpoints; Illegals Involved
  211. Assemblytraitor Amends Bill To Give Status To Illegals
  212. States' immigration efforts fizzle
  213. State wants to reduce Medi-Cal costs
  214. Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed Democratic budget bill
  215. California Assembly Says 40% Speak Other Than English
  216. Farmworkers To Stage Daily Events At State Capitol
  217. The Lessons of GA and AZ
  218. Food Stamps Can Be Traded For Tokens At Denio's Flea Market
  219. Entitlement Abuse - Here, There, and Everywhere
  220. Just in PAY ATTENTION:California Taxpayers Protection Act of 2012.
  221. Boobs To Be Bared At State Capitol Event
  222. Jerry Brown vetoes bill to help elderly, disabled.
  223. Governor Brown Signs DREAM Act Companion Bill Inot Law
  224. Lt. Gov Newsome Uses Official Website For Private Advertisement
  225. CA Legislators working feverishily ...
  226. You Must Be A Lazy POS When DMV Fires You For Being A Lazy POS
  227. Brown Calls For Peripheral Canal Plan
  228. Citizen Group Tasked With Redistricting Dramatically Changes California Map
  229. Taxpayer money for California DREAM Act near reality-sparks talks of a recall
  230. Gov. Jerry Brown has signed California Dream Act, legislator says
  231. Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill restricting ballot (list of bills)
  232. Brown Signs bill Prohibiting Mandatory E-verify
  233. Recall Jerry Brown
  234. Gov. Brown’s disgraceful actions hurt Californians
  235. Donnelly's Anti-Dream Act Initiative Cleared For Circulation
  236. Cities scramble in wake of E-Verify bill
  237. Initiative and Referendum Qualification Status as of October 25, 2011
  238. Northern California Police Recognize Mexico IDs
  239. Stop AB131 petition
  240. Initiative and Referendum Qualification Status as of October 28, 2011
  241. Does Recent Prop 8 Ruling Allow An Appeal Of 187?
  242. Initiative and Referendum Qualification Status as of November 30, 2011
  243. California Initiative To Grant Amnesty To Illegals Is Viewable Now
  244. State Vows Crackdown On Underground Economy?
  245. Deportation of Ann Arbor Michigan woman delayed one year
  246. Could Prop. 13 fall?
  247. Cross Border Trucks Nailed At Otay For Emissions Violations
  248. Licenses For Illegals Up For Vote Again
  249. Another California Bill Proposed To Ignore Illegal's Status
  250. CA agencies - full list