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  1. Putting lid on officials' freebies
  2. Business Association Favors Hispanics In Sacramento District
  3. L.A. doctor arrested for falsifying immigration health exams
  4. Landscaping company fined
  5. Mexifornia, Five Years Later
  6. San Bernardino Citizens Group Steps Forward On Enforcement
  7. San Bernardino, Violence unfold
  8. Baca & Amnesty
  9. Bad News from North Carolina
  10. A Christmas Story
  11. Gang Task Force's Building Rigged to Explode in Hemet
  12. San Bernardino County paid 64 million last year ...
  13. ABOUT $2 MILLION A MONTH: More illegal immigrants getting emergency treatment at UMC
  14. Cops Sued Over Failure To Protect Blacks From Latino Gangs
  15. IDSenator targets businesses that hire illegals
  16. Sacramento City Council To Hear Proposal On Little Saigon
  17. Day Laborers Sue
  18. Muslims Attack and Arrested at UCI
  19. Editorial: Wrong time for immigration fight in Novato
  20. Border Patrol IN San Juan Capistrano
  21. They are only trying to feed their families.
  22. Food permit, WTF
  23. SoCal city suspends day labor law
  24. Racist Hispanic Gangs Murdering Blacks Arrive in the OC
  25. Retired Teacher asks that the race card be put away
  26. Huntington Park and Illegal Immigration (Video)
  27. Mayor Villar Wants To Increase Utility fees
  28. Illegal Aliens Bump U.S. Citizens For Mental Healthcare
  29. Fraud & abuse: earned income tax credit by unlawful immigrants
  30. Mexico Promotes Free U.S. Healthcare For Illegal Immigrants
  31. Mexican Teen Gang Stages Gunfight At Indian Casino
  32. This you HAVE TO READ!!!!!
  33. In San Rafael, unlicensed immigrants decry car impounds
  34. 4 Hemet City-Owned Vehicles Torched
  35. Some of my research, you may find interesting
  36. These are the jobs Obama talks about
  37. An ACORN by Any Other Name Still Smells Like an ACORN
  38. Rutgers Grad Severely Beaten In Cancun
  39. Texas Town on High Alert as Mexican Town Across Border Braces for Cartel Gun Battle
  40. Mexican Drug Gangs Attack Army Bases Near the Border
  41. White House responds to National Guard deployment call
  42. It's a lie: State's foreign-born population declines
  43. ContraCosta, Feds
  44. ANSWER TRASH: This Ain’t no Tea Party
  45. L.A.‘s Green Energy Push Costly
  46. Ariz. Ranchers Caught Up In Mexican Drug Violence
  47. The tea party, civil rights and racism
  48. Law Breaking, Graffiti and Gangs seen in a positive light
  49. Holy Crap! Nazi's March in LA
  50. Mayor Delivers State of City Speech
  51. AZ Deputy Shot!
  52. Coming to a american city near you!!!
  53. Pro-Illegal Alien Rally in Oxnard (VIDEO)
  54. Latino's Sue For Bigger Share Of Community Services In Modesto
  55. Secure Arkansas org and Tea Party Lunch
  56. FBI Awaits Lab Results on White Powder Sent to Arizona Governor's Office
  57. Arizona-Style Rebellions Over Immigration Spread
  58. Blacks finally start speaking out!!!!
  59. Video:Minuteman and Tea Party protest of May Day Illegal Immigrants in San Fran
  60. Another victim of illegal aliens.
  61. UCLA Prof calls for open rebellion
  62. Another city gets it right!!
  63. LUSH Store in AZ to protest SB 1070 - Please contact
  64. Mexican Illegal Aliens cross the US border
  65. Will "Rule of Law" City Costa Mesa Soon Border "Sanctuary City" Santa Ana?
  66. Princeton, nj issuing i.d. Cars to illegal immigrants
  67. Mexican Pirates Attacking Americans! What's Next, Mexican Suicide Bombers?
  68. They're at it again:LA activists plan to travel to Arizona to protest immigration law
  69. Racist "Gringo Mask" created by Miami Hispanic Ad Agency
  70. So sad....
  71. Hemet backs Arizona's immigrant crackdown
  72. Citizenship-By-Birth Faces Challenges
  73. New Threat on the US / Mexican Border
  74. To All Los Angeles County Residents & Residents Nearby:
  75. Agents feared Mexican drug cartel attack on border dam
  76. Ron Gochez tormented Cubans at 'Ladies in White' Rally - Echo Park, Los Angeles (Marc
  77. From Robin:Fontana City Council
  78. San Bernardino County, CA Board of Education Trustee Gil Navarro
  79. Sheriff Creates Checkpoints To Check For Illegal Workers
  80. Fed. Govt. gives national park to mexico
  81. Murdered Arizona Rancher Shot Multiple Times, Autopsy Finds
  82. Mexicans Take To Streets In Huntington Park After Soccer Triumph
  83. Mexican Flag Wavers Riot After Lakers (did not make the Local News)
  84. Border Fight Creeps North
  85. Past immigration measures explored
  86. Border War Turns Violent
  87. More Southern California cities expected to stand behind Arizona illegal immigration
  88. Lake Elsinore to wrestle with illegal immigration at tonight’s city council meeting
  89. Illegal Immigrant Law Passes, Now What?
  90. Mexican Drug Cartel Threatens Nogales, AZ Police Officers with Snipers
  91. Immigration fight rages Inland
  92. US-Mexico Border Easy Entry for Terrorists
  93. Mexicans Extradite One From Sac
  94. Sacramento Day Labor Crowd Increases Again
  95. Area Homeowner fights to Expose Loan Salvage Company
  96. America last bastion for Western Civilization
  97. White Workers Claim Census Discrimination
  98. Prosecuting The Victims
  99. Mexican drug cartels and how they take over and control US cities
  100. Breaking: Multiple ranches in laredo, tx taken over by los zetas
  101. Clash over checkpoints
  102. Top Five Most-Crime-Ridden U.S. Judicial Districts All on Mexican Border
  103. SC Town Fights Own Immigration Battle
  104. So Cal Muni's Suffer Wave Of Corruption
  105. Large Gilroy meth bust had roots in Sacramento
  106. Ron Paul Support Ground Zero Mosque
  107. Mexicans Engage In Ad Blitz In Sacramento
  108. Water Rates Rising To Forefront Status In Community Meetings
  109. 10 Worst Places to Live
  110. Ted Hayes on Fox News - Glenn Beck and The Illegal Alien Burning the Black Church
  111. Illegals Are Bailing On Us?
  112. Payments to U.S.-born children rose to $52 million in July, prompting calls for polic
  113. Who wants to bet?
  114. At least 22 arrested in Westlake as protesters hurl objects at police from rooftops
  115. Outrage: Illegal Alien Felon Makes 'Living' Filing Hundreds of Frivolous Lawsuits (un
  116. Anti-illegal immigrant activist arrested at Novato meeting
  117. 8 shot, 3 stabbed, 1 dead at east LA house party
  118. BREAKING NEWSMcAllen Man Shot and Likely Killed on Falcon Lake (cartel Pirates In Tex
  119. LAPD's Rampart station evacuated following threat connected to officer-involved shoot
  120. High Desert "clown activist" arrested in L.A.
  121. Riots Starting In Oakland After Mersehle Sentence
  122. Tulare City Manager Resigns After Threats Over Utility Rates
  123. Mexican Murder suspect Caught Working Construction In Yuba City
  124. Los Angeles Housing Chief Salary 450K Per Year
  125. California has infected its neighbor
  126. The new American dream...
  127. Immigrant crusader sues Novato
  128. Santa Rosa may halt impounds for unlicensed drivers
  129. California: Becoming a 3rd World is closer than some might think
  130. Citing police abuse, Hispanics leaving Conn. town
  131. nut job shoots Arizona Rep. Giffords in the face, 6 killed in rampage
  132. Villar's Staffer Arrested At City Hall
  133. Sacramento Triple Homicide Suspects Have ICE Holds
  134. Mayor sees city crisis if redevelopment scrapped
  135. Fox 40 News Crew Attacked By Mob In Shooting Aftermath
  136. Hispanic Grocery Store Bellies Up Leaving City Debt Behind
  137. San Jose Get's Another Beating By Foreign Crime
  138. Poverty day gives community leaders a reality check: NOT
  139. Sears Employees Told Not to Speak Spanish
  140. The fight begins over Redevelopment funds in Calif Cities.
  141. Inland area saw explosive growth CENSUS 2010
  142. Get it while you can
  143. Mexicans Coach Illegals On Getting Services At Health Fair
  144. America is Burning
  145. New So. Calif. Demographic Realities
  146. Breaking News: L.A. mayor to be fined for free tickets
  147. Illegal voters may be tipping the balance of power in America.
  148. Another Nail In My Economic Coffin
  149. Group seeks to limit legal immigration
  150. 7 people shot at party in Watts
  151. Spring Weather Inspires Illegal Vendors In Sac
  152. Mothers Day Cockfight Raided In Kern County
  153. Sacramento Area Russian Mortgage Scam Nets Multiple Arrests
  154. Santa Ana, May Day 2011
  155. Sexual predator, closed doors
  156. Napa Flouts Immigration Law, Partially At Taxpayer Expense
  157. Message From California: “American Citizens Need Not Apply”
  158. Mass Graves Under Investigation in Liberty County
  159. More Americans Fighting Back Against Local ID's For Illegals
  160. Dispute Over Best Mexican State Claims Bystander
  161. Say Goodbye to Los Angeles
  162. Compromise on Pledge of Allegiance in Oregon Town Has Some Seeing Red
  163. Montebello Under Federal Microscope For Misuse Of Housing Funds
  164. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's chief of staff stepping down
  165. Fraudulent use of disabled parking placards explodes in last decade
  166. Mexican Consulate Jumps Into Agenda 21
  167. Day Labor Network Spreading Propaganda
  168. Smugglers reportedly robbed by armed men
  169. Enrique Morones vs. Brian Bilbray
  170. Sacramento Mexican Consulate Teams With Corrupt B of A
  171. California Police Chief Who Helps Local Poor Migrants May Lose His Job
  172. Redondo Beach day laborer ordinance is ruled unconstitutional
  173. Glendale worries about East L.A. gang graffiti found in city
  174. Los Angeles lawmakers cheer on protesters outside City Hall
  175. Unpermitted American Taxi Driver Handcuffed; Illegal Vendors Unmolested
  176. Quarry Killing Victims All Latino
  177. Video - In Progress - Bank Protesters Arrested After Trying to Cash $673-billion Chec
  178. Occupy L.A. Speaker: (note the accent) ‘Bourgeoisie Won’t Go Without Violent Means’
  179. Census Mandates Chinese Language Ballots In Sacramento County
  180. despicable Cowardly Beating Of Woman Taped By Perp's Friend
  181. Illegals Confronted At Work For ID Theft
  182. Richmond Gangs Brawl At City Hall When Picking Up Paychecks
  183. D.C. Mayor Orders Police Not to Check Immigration Statuses, Even in Arrests
  184. Macaurthur Park Raided Over Fake Licenses
  185. L.A. Restaurantuer Gets Slap On Wrist For Selling Bathtub Cheese
  186. Illegal Mexican Given 10 Years For Re-entry In Sacramento
  187. Police Chief Charlie Beck: Villaragosa's Bitch
  188. The real culprits
  189. Los Angeles Earns 2nd Most Corrupt Government Degree
  190. Salinas, CA...Mexicans Gentrify Northern California
  191. Soros Moves To Bail Out American Apparel
  192. Immigration Hold For Man Who Beat Woman At Rodeo
  193. Hispanic Gangs in Los Angeles County
  194. Alleged Migrant Workers Denied 12 Million In Redevelopment Money
  195. My Neighborhood Sliding Downward
  196. First Sign Of Weakening Superior Court Here In Sac
  197. Live Stream to Anahiem Illegal Alien Protesting
  198. Anaheim protests: 4 arrested; route to Disneyland cut off guy kneels in horse poop
  199. California: The Road Warrior Is Here
  200. VIDEO: Occupy Oakland Marches in the streets without a permit, Smashes windows at Oba
  201. Welfare stats
  202. This is a great idea
  203. Herrera Ordered Out of City Council Mtg Denounced Cabriales/Hispanic Chamber of Comme
  204. Texas judge warns of 'civil unrest,' UN troop presence if Obama re-elected
  205. Anacrime
  206. A Night In The South Sac War Zone
  207. Illegal Vendor Tour September '12
  208. 14 People Escape House Fire
  209. Immigrant Connection Found In Mortgage Fraud Scheme
  210. 11 Year Old Brings Gun To School; School Sign All In Spanish
  211. Suspected Illegal Farmworker Charged With Abandoning Newborn
  212. Beach Fire Ban Proposed - Fight Back
  213. Spring Illegal Vendors Starting To Bloom
  214. Flea Market Operator Says Cops Driving His Customers Away
  215. City Council Votes To Fly Chinese Flag; Mayor Vetos
  216. Sharpton's meeting blows up in his face
  217. Sac County Agenda Item To Discuss Healthcare For Illegals